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The internet and web technologies have altered the way most businesses are operated and has completely revolutionized communications. For people who are now running a company or trying to open their own company understanding current web basics is crucial and can open up excellent communications channels.

Web marketing options such as email and viral marketing have created chances for businesses to communicate with clients that have not existed previously. Of all the advanced web services that have been put up recently not one has had as significant an impact as search engine portals.

Search engines are now the main information source for many web surfers as they start a session online whether they are seeking information or a product to purchase. The quick rise of search engines and their popularity with just about anyone that is familiar with the internet is an indication to their utility. Internet search has taken the place the business directories as the best place for information for anybody in need of a service.

Google is easily the most used search site on the internet. Its dominance as the top search service is so prevalent that “to Google” is often utilized to mean a web search in general. Google has been incredibly popular since its creation a few years ago still its massive size is dwarfed by the total search engine traffic of all engines.

As large as Google is it rarely accounts for greater than seventy percent of all internet search users. Its true that share is a huge figure it also means that the use of internet search sites is tremendous.

In addition to Google two other search engines, Yahoo Search and Bing, command a significant portion of the total searches performed on the internet. The millions of product and information seekers that pass through search engines each day means that understanding how search engines work can be extremely helpful for marketers wishing to develop a presence online.

Though it can seem confusing at first, by fully understanding how search engines rank and serve up websites business owners can take advantage of the tremendous potential of search traffic for growing a small business.

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What many people new to the world of SEO don’t realize is that where put keywords on webpage is extremely important. It’s actually just as important as which keywords you use and how many times you use them. When you place your keywords on webpage in the right location you give that page a much higher relevance for a particular search term or topic. Simple changes to your positioning can result in big benefits and improvements in your ranking.

Where Should I Place Keywords on Webpage for SEO?

As already discussed, the location of a particular keyword on a webpage can make a big difference for how much it helps the ranking of a site. When you’re looking for the most effective SEO option, there are two places where keywords can immediately make a large difference. The first is right at the beginning of your content and the second is right at the end of your page. Both of these can lead to big SEO gains.

When you have keywords on webpage both at the beginning and end of the content, it is helping to prove that the entire page is highly related and relevant. Articles, essays and all information generally start and close out with whatever the main topic is, therefore keywords in this location give more credibility and importance to the content in between.

However, there are a few additional considerations that you have to keep in mind when it comes to SEO and keywords on webpage. For example, on most websites the last words of an article are not the last words that show up on the page. Underneath there are bound to be footer links, potentially comments or forms and many other possibilities as well.

Therefore in these situations, you can tweak the locations of the final keywords on webpage by inserting them into the footer in some fashion. For example, the last words in your footer could be a sentence describing your site or your motto and incorporating your main key phrase. This will ensure that regardless of what’s going on with the content and information above, the last words on every site will help your pages to get ranked higher.

In addition to the above tips for keywords on webpage, it’s also important to ensure that you use keywords naturally and consistently. This means including them where they fit not just for SEO, but also for the flow of the content itself. Don’t stuff them into one paragraph and then forget to mention them again. Instead, use them throughout the entire content naturally as opposed to excessively or in a bunched up fashion.

When it comes to SEO, the more knowledge you have the more improvements that you can make. The location of keywords on webpage is just another important step to keep in mind when you’re creating and managing a website. Remember that the two most important places are the beginning and ending of a page and you’ll be able to improve your results in no time at all.

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