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eBooks are one of the most valuable marketing tools available to home business owners. This is why I have written this article. You are going to discover exactly why you should implement an eBook marketing strategy for your home business.

One of the nice things about eBooks, is that they are both inexpensive, and simple to create. Since they are completely digital, they need not be printed or shipped. Rather, they can be transmitted electronically via the Internet. Do you engage in article marketing? If so, one way to create your own eBook is by combining articles which relate to a particular topic. If you have not written very many articles, you still have options. One such option is purchasing a PLR (private label rights) eBook, and branding it to suit your home business.

My number one reason for recommending that you market with eBooks stems from the requirement that you build your customer base. Giving away a free eBook at your website is a great way to build your email marketing list. A visitor comes to your website, and realizes that you are offering a free eBook on a highly relevant topic to your niche market. However, in order to receive the eBook via email, they must opt-in to your list. Those who reside on your list become your customer base, and provide you with a captive audience to market your product or services.

I will say it again. It is of the utmost importance that your eBook is centered on topics which are relevant to your niche market. The fact is that eBook marketing and niche marketing cannot be separated from one another. If you wish to be successful with any home business, you must clearly identify which segment of the market will be most interested in what you have to offer, and direct your marketing efforts towards that segment. The same goes for the subject matter of your eBook. It must be such that it is of high relevance to those who you are attempting to attract (ie. your niche market). An informative, well-written eBook will also show those in your niche market that you are well versed in matters relative to your industry. As such, they will value your advice, and take heed to your recommendations.

Perhaps some of you are familiar with the concept of viral marketing. However, in the event that someone reading this article is not familiar with this concept, I will explain in greater detail. I apologize in advance to those who are already familiar with viral marketing.

Viral marketing involves utilizing others to market your materials on your behalf with no expectation of receiving anything in return. For example, suppose that you write an eBook which is deemed to have such high value, that one of your email subscribers pass it on to two friends. Thereafter, both friends may feel the same way, and thus pass your eBook on to six of their friends. This can go on and on to the point that you actually become the recipient of your own eBook. Hence, if you eBook goes viral, and is branded to market your home business, there is no telling how much business it can generate.

Moreover, I highly recommend that each and every home business owner who engages in eBook marketing get the most out of their eBooks by submitting them to shareware websites. In order to do this, you will first need to submit your eBook to a PAD (Portable Application Description) file. Thereafter, you can add your eBook to shareware websites, and gain greater exposure for your home business.

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A few weeks ago, a new category in “Get Paid To” industry was born. It’s called “Get Paid To Read and Rate Articles”. For several years, many websites have persuaded us with get paid to read emails, get paid to click & get paid to sign up services. Donkeymails, Neobux, Jill’s Corner, MatrixMails, etc., are some of them.

But they don’t provide get paid to read and rate articles service yet.

When you sign up to those programs, you will know that you only make very little money per email you read or per link you click: $0.001, $0.0025, $0.005. However, you can earn more dollars when you register for a free program and much more when you join the paid one.

You are lucky if you are provided with many emails to read or links to click that earns you $0.01 each.

Therefore, if you want to gain enough monthly profits from this kind of make money online program, you have to recruit as many active referrals as possible. Because otherwise you cannot take some percentage of your referrals’ earnings, several levels deep.

Get Paid To Read and Rate Articles programs don’t work that way. They pay you based on the length of the articles you read.

The following is the data I got from one program:

* Under 100 : 1 cent

* Between 101 and 200 : 2 cents

* Between 201 and 300 : 3 cents

* Between 301 and 400 : 4 cents

* Between 401 and 500 : 5 cents

* Between 501 and 600 : 6 cents

* Between 601 and 700 : 7 cents

* Between 701 and 800 : 8 cents

* Between 801 and 900 : 9 cents

* Between 901 and 1500 : 10 cents

* Between 1501 and 2000 : 15 cents

* Over 2000 : 20 cents

Usually, per day, depends on how active you are, you will be provided with 10 to 15 articles that will earn you between $0.03 to $0.09 each to read and rate.

So, it’s not that hard to reach their minimum amount to cash out, which is $50, with 0 referrals.

When you have 0 referrals in get paid to read emails or get paid to click programs, it will take you years to reach $50 earning balance!

You will earn much more with this get paid to read and rate articles program, if you manage to get some referrals. One program pays you $5 for every first redemption your referrals make.

One other similar program pays you $2 per referral who joins under you and you will get 20% of whatever they earn per month. So if you have 10 referrals and each one of them makes $50 a month, you will receive = 20% X 10 X $50 = $100 per month!

Are they for real or scam? Right now, this is hard to tell. Because they are new. By the time of this writing, no members I know have reached the minimum amount to cash out yet.

However, based on the fact that they succeed to add more new advertisers each and every day to their sites and one of them have Alexa Ranking of #1700, I think their business is running well. And when you are doing okay in a decent way, why should you scam people?

Rizky Nur Zamzamy is a Publisher of Award Space eMillionaire Newsletter. Visit his site to know more about Get Paid To Read Articles. And here’s his secret to get outstanding results from Article Marketing.