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Good Google Search Engine Optimization looks at over 100 items, but here are some of the major items that Google analyses on web pages:

Words in Title Tag
Words in links
Words in Headings
Words in Bold
More weight is given to first 25 words of text on a page
Words in URL
Having more than 250 words on a page helps.
Phrases used to describe pictures.
Other major items covered on separate pages here. . .
DMOZ listing, PageRank, Back Links.
Google may also penalize for having too much repetition, or by “Spamming” them.
If it looks like you are trying to “trick” Google, then there is a chance you may penalized
by Google. You must follow good practices.

Google runs a mathematical formula called an algorithm on your page . The better the algorithm, the more “optimized” it is said to be.

Here’s some Great Google Optimization Advice from GoogleGuy of the Webmasterworld forums:

Start by making a useful site.
Concentrate on a niche that isn’t too big.
Think about the words actual users would type, and include those on your pages.
Make a site map so that it’s easy to get to all your pages.
Use a text browser like lynx to explore your site and make sure you can get
to all your pages.
Find out who should know about your site and make sure that they really do
know about your site.
Be creative in marketing your site. Things like newsletters and special features help.
Personally, I recommend steering clear of any tricks like hidden text/links, sneaky redirects, etc. If you build a site to last, you don’t have to stay up late at night worrying whether you’ll
get caught, or if someone will report spam on your site. :)
Have fun!
My fave tip from Brett’s suggestions: add a page of content a day to your site.

Now that’s some great Google Optimization advice!

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