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Naturally as a marketer or online business owner you want to make sure that you are getting the best quality traffic to your site. It is very disappointing to work hard to get traffic and then find that the visitors that come and never buy from you. That is why I want to share with you right now how to determine which traffic channel is the best in your niche market so you will be successful.

Traffic Secret #1:

The first thing that is imperative for you to understand is that every niche market is different. There is a lot of noise and there are a lot of guru’s that will advise you that you can apply SEO in every market, or whatever the source might be. I am here to suggest to you that it is not always the case.

It would be virtually impossible to utilize all the different traffic techniques and strategies in each and every unique niche market! Now for instance you may discover that many of the markets are far too saturated to generate quality traffic using Google Adwords. Or you may find that others may be far too competitive to receive large traffic volumes from the search engines.

Therefore it is very important that you realize that not every idea or strategy presented out there is going to work for you in your particular market.

Traffic Secret #2:

It’s a very good idea to start first by looking at your competition before you decide on a strategy to get targeted traffic to your site. If you have people in your market who are making money and driving visitors to their websites then you want to see what they are doing and follow suit.

If you find that your competitors are using Adwords and are really investing a lot in making their campaigns more profitable, then you need to do the exact same thing.

If you make sure that you have done extensive traffic research on your best competitor’s strategies and then once you know, follow their strategy( but naturally work harder and do a better job of it) you should find that you can’t help but to be successful.

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