Search engine placement services

We give you professional search engine placement services at affordable rates. Our service helps deliver your website to top placements on search engine result pages.

Inquire now and we will, with consultation, show you a path to take that will bring you new high quality traffic to your money earning pages. Let us take you down the road to where you really should be on search engines now. Our search engine placement service is a gradual and intelligent approach to safe organic website optimization.


SEO Services

The following search engine optimization (SEO) service packages are only meant as general guidelines and will still require tailoring to meet the expectations of your particular campaign. As a result, the price may decrease or increase.

If you have a question or you would like a custom quotation please contact us at 1-866- and one of our staff members will be happy to be of help. Our SEO services are as follows:

» Small Business SEO Services
Campaigns designed with the needs of the average small business in mind. Please remember that final pricing will be reflective of your goals.

» Corporate SEO Service
This service is focused on large, technical web sites in competitive marketplaces.

» Link Building Services
Build link popularity and 3rd party traffic for your website through professional link building services.

» Monthly SEO Services - "Maintain Your Advantage"
Monthly SEO maintenance is a very important part of any competitive search engine optimization and placement campaign.

» SEO Consulting Services
Is a campaign too intensive for your needs? Perhaps you have some SEO related questions that need answering? We offer a variety of services sure to meet your needs.

» Search Engine Optimization Process
Do you have questions about how an SEO campaign is run?

A note about manual submissions.

Unlike many competitors, Placement takes the time to submit your web page(s) manually to directories and search engines. We use no automated software. Submitting manually enables us to craft each submission to the likes and dislikes of each target search engine and produces much better results. Many search engines actively ban automated submissions due to the massive volume of "spam" submissions they receive daily.

Small Business SEO Service Packages

The small business SEO service is designed to deliver top 20 results on a budget. The following SEO services are perfect for small business owners who wish to achieve top placements on less generic and less competitive keywords/phrases.

Web Presence Overview

The purpose of this review is to help determine the best strategy for maximizing the Return On Investment within your Internet promotions. During this overview we will research and analyze the following two key areas of your web presence:

Keyword Focus Review
Your website gives you a unique opportunity to target a specific audience and capitalize on their desire for your goods and/or services. Choosing the right keywords is of crucial importance to the success of your online promotions. In this review we will do a preliminary analysis of the prime keywords and keyword phrases to target by considering your offerings, the number of searches for that keyword or phrase, the number of competing web pages, and how focused the keyword or phrase is on bringing you the visitors that are most likely to want or need what you have to offer.

Basic Competition Review
Who is your main online competition? How did they get there? This overview will help you determine what needs to be done to beat out your competition and take your place at the top of the rankings by indicating what they have done to get to the top, and what you need to do to get there too.

Cost: starting at $450.00
Deposit: $450.00
ETA: Maximum 2 business days after confirmed receipt of payment.
Packaging: PDF format as final copy sent by email.


Business Placement Campaign - Stake Out Your Turf

What hill are you going to plant your flag on? Just pick a two word phrase - and we'll get you a top 20 listing in that category. This introductory package is ideal for small businesses.

Home page must be designed using standard HTML code.

Cost: starting @ $1,500 **
Duration of promotion: 90 days
Continued Maintenance: Small business monthly seo service recommended
Exclusivity: YES, for duration of contract

** Sites managed by a content management system (CMS) may incur additional hourly fees while our SEO's optimize the site using your unique system.

Optional Service Add-ons to the Business Placement Campaign:

  • Link Building: High quality, relevant reciprocal links can be attained for a mere
    $6 USD/link or less depending upon the category in question.
  • Pay-per-click management services: see our PPC management page for details.

The Corporate Search Placement Campaign

Our Corporate Search Placement Package is the most advanced type of seo service offered on the Internet today. With methods including blogging and syndication, you are assured quality feedback and results over an expanded strategic search engine placement plan.

This service is designed to move your website to the top of the search engine list, and keep it there, by using all techniques at our disposal. We'll engage in frequent site monitoring and continual updating. Corporate placement places your business website where it needs to be, on top of the competition.

This service starts at $6,000.00 and will need to be customized before a final price can be set for your needs. Total price may increase in price due to a variety of considerations including: complexity of the web site to be optimized, limitations of the web site, competitiveness of the desired keywords for top placement, the size of the web site and number of pages to be optimized, and additional services being offered.

Cost: starting @ $5,600 †
Duration: 120 days

Continued Maintenance: Corporate monthly seo service recommended [more info]
Exclusivity: YES, for duration of contract.

Sites managed by a content management system (CMS) may incur additional hourly fees while our SEO's optimize using your unique system.

Optional Service Add-ons to the Corporate Placement Package:

  • Link Building: High quality, relevant reciprocal links can be attained for a mere
    $7 USD/link or less depending upon the category in question.
  • Pay-per-click management services: see our PPC management page for details.

SEO Consulting Services and Search engine placement

For those with unique needs, frequently changing sites, or who just like to take a more "hands on" approach to their websites and the search engine placement services for it, StepForth offers consulting services.

Consultation can provide you with the ability to make your own changes to your website "on the fly" knowing that the information you are basing these decisions on is sound and that you have a resource available to contact should you have any questions regarding your optimization efforts.


Link Building Services

High quality, relevant reciprocal links can be attained for a mere $7 USD/link or less depending upon the category in question. Please contact a representative for more information on this highly regarded service.

Search engine Placement Maintenance - Stay on top!

Your web placement position will constantly change. You might have a good spot today, but that may erode as more sites get listed in your category. Our placement maintenance program will continually assess and tweak your listing to keep your site in its proper place, at the top.


Small Business SEO Maintenance Services

- The Maintenance Service offers maintenance of your current search engine placements with the added security that StepForth will continue to promote your site(s) exclusively under the keywords agreed to in the initial contract.

This service is priced starting at $150.00/month/web site promoted.


Corporate Plus SEO Maintenance Plan

The corporate plus maintenance service is a full-featured ongoing promotions service. We will continue to optimize pages whenever necessary, even on a daily basis. Since Corporate promotions are naturally customized to meet the varying needs of each client we can only provide a starting figure for this powerful service.

Cost: starting @ $300.00/month/web site promoted and includes Exclusivity.


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