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        Art and design, graphics and illustration, be it 2d or 3d, our studio is rich with experience in bringing fine images to you..
       Welcome to the Gallery section of Synthium Design Studio, an enterprise geared towards bringing top notch graphic design to the audience you choose. There is a collection of various Images here spanning years of design, starting on a 486SX with 4MB of ram and a 13in monitor! Yes, those were hard times indeed but also a great time to develop the necessary virtue of patience. Great things come to those that wait, or work hard enough to really deserve them..

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Full Graphics support for:

  • Logo or Corporate Identity Branding
  • Small business and enterprise header(logo)
  • Webbranding Icon design
  • Company Image conceptualizations

Logo Examples

  • Web graphic design.

Web Graphic Examples

  • Print graphic and layout support including flyers, brochures, presentations, business cards, posters, booklets, CD art, DVD art.

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  • Flash Advertisement and Banners
  • Flash headers and Interfaces

Flash Samples

lonely castle by david c

Lonely Castle - by the sea(bryce3d/photoshop4), synthium design studio ©1998-2003


syndalis 5 by david c. graphics artist and webmaster

Syndalis V - (using Bryce3D and Photoshop 7), Synthium Design Studio ©2003-2004

3d/2d by david c. synthium design studio, graphics artist

Syndalis ii- syndalis arise. (Bryce3D and Photoshop 5), ©1997-2004

A Rogues Tale(The Legion of Twilight) - (hand painted photoshop 4) ©1997-2004

Sanctuary late 97, early rendition of some fantasy/sci-fi island that was originally of higher rendered quality, still survives to this day.

Collage of 5 images that I did during my affiliation with Mist and its artistic members in literature, art and music.

Tori-do, in its time was a Ezine that hit the California Comic scene that lasted a few years. This image became a CD cover for the series.

Designing for the web and brochures



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