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Graphic creation is the process of sending a clear professional concept using visually appealing simple to complex and even emotional graphics. Below are some samples of graphic designs(this website is also another example- a layout design). Below are examples of my creativity.

      Sample sites with a few simple layouts using various techniques:






Various styles and view points help make a logo 'hit' the right response in a presentation intended purely to stick in memory. The end result may sometimes become a landmark symbol that becomes part of nostalga as well as logo design or identify development history.

An example would be the brand logo's of some of the worlds most recognized brand names. Coca-cola and pepsi are two good examples of simple effective logo design. It would astound the layman to find out just what goes into identity symbols for corporations. The work in process of a logo or identity branding can sometimes take months or years for a design intended to hit the world with an unforgettable impression. That impression itself is the cause for a large number of marketting success stories, as well as a few blunders.

Hitting the right look is the key to what makes a master and what does not in logo design. I cannot stress enough that sometimes it can humble a person to really try to achieve the end results that some logo designers have accomplished using branding techniques that cross many media types and result in the same powerful symbolic message and show off a corporations public image at its proudest. In Vancouver there is a huge representation of information technology and website and graphic designers collectively making the region a hive of activity.


This activity is why synthium design studio took office into the fraser valley region to do business and offers quality website and graphic designs as well as pre-press and logo development at a more reasonable cost to the average small business owner. Catering to the small business owner is what this designer studio does best. Search synthium.net for examples of the designing portfolio, we have much to offer any client looking for a great looking website, letterhead, business card, corporate identity or brochure and/or flash presentation.
Image afterall, is everything.

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