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Build it ( and get a webmaster to take it top10! ) and they will come.”

        Canadian web design & Internet marketing services with customized personalized web design support and much more. Synthium Design Studio is your one-stop full service for E-marketting, layout designs, sophisticated graphics, web site as well as Ecommerce and Professional Web site design and development solutions. Ask questions, and ask again. We would be glad to answer every request. We are going for the top, shouldn't you?

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Canadian web design group Synthium design studio, your smart choice in webdesign and Internet marketing, graphics and media. Below is a sample list of rates to help you determine the level of costs that could be involved in a web development projects general budgetary ranges.

See portfolio for examples of design

General Fee Rates:

Economy site:

$200-400(1-5 pages) a few images e-mail links templated

Small Business Website:

$1500 and under (5-20 pages) Written content varied number of graphics, varied customizations. E-mail and Forms. Varied Value. Consult

Corporate site:

$1500+ Please consult us as this involves far too many features as to be fairly represented here.

  • We can build you a shopping cart

  • We can develop multimedia presentations or streaming for movies, sound, any visual media
  • We can build you an online community and develop a content management system.
  • If it needs doing, we can do it.
  • We offer completely amazing results for web site marketing that is hard to beat!(see below)

    Search Engine Optimization Engineering:
    Final steps to bring your website to the world using linking techniques and optimization technologies

world wide web consortium

Definition: SEO - Search Engine Optimization (Engineering or Marketing)

Full support for Website Search Engine Optimization technologies.

What you get:

Quick rates: General site optimization is approximately $300, while advanced runs at approximately $40/page. These are ballpark figures, but are here for your information.

  • Online research vs your competition
  • Enterprise marketing to discover strategies to build a stronger web presence
  • Web site evaluation and trouble-shooting process
  • Link building and advanced search engine optimization techniques
  • context evaluation for perfecting your webcopy( copywright ) to add true value to your pages. -one source of our guidance to Search Engines

  • Web analysis and tracking systems to evaluate web site usage and evolution to a stronger improved target audience. More sales..
  • Development of links building strategies to enhance web pages ranking on google and yahoo. All major search engines.
  • Flash web sites built to be readable to search engine spiders

Proper submissions to all major search engines

  • We get results in a way few understand, consult us to find out more
  • We estimate your potential for results and get the traffic going to your web site intelligently and effectively.
  • We give you a great return on your investment by offering competitive pricing and best in the business overall web production and follow through with positively excellent marketing.


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