Graphics design services in:

  • web page layouts

  • logo designs (corporate image branding)

  • web site headers and brochures

  • print: company handouts, business cards, brochures, news letters (email and land mail). layout and design.

graphics design by synthum design studio, vancouver
print layout and design

composite layout, second edition, sds, 2nd edition, 2004 - vancouver designer
poster art and cd covers

synthium graphic designing
web page headers

3d multimedia designing
webgraphics art

website layout- archived header of synthium
web site layouts and interface designs

Vancouver web layouts
webpage templates

Arise - Synthium - three dimensional landscape, graphical design
3d art and landscapes for creative media visuals



Canada Graphic Design

Graphic design is the process of rendering a vivid two dimensional or three dimensional image and in the process capturing a moment, memory, or impression. Herein are examples of professional simple graphics designs I have created as examples.

Various elements often become necessary in graphics -page layouts- and the consideration for the end point media is always a concern of any seasoned professional graphics or image designer.

Internet solutions - web page concept

If you needed to render a graphic for a pre-press(print) job, you of course would have to consider the colour sets used by the designing tools at hand. There are many standard colour sets to choose from, usually for the web design world that means 72ppi (pixels per inch) but can range upto 90ppi/100ppi - dependent on the screen types being used. Print design often ranges from 200ppi and higher resolution with CMYK and CMYK+spot for additional printing requirements and press production.

I try to capture a feeling in the graphics I do and develop a image that holds some sort of emotional center, be it in some cases vague. Attractive graphic designs can sometimes produce truely memorable websites.

coffee time for dave, 3d designer
3d multimedia presenations & animation

Vancouver graphic design studio productions at Synthium design studio have more or less moved over to a partner group called AdeptImage. You can contact us about this if you need a graphic, logo or website layout designed for your business.

Graphic designs as well as pre-press and logo development at a more reasonable cost to the average small business owner. Catering to the small business owner is what this designer studio does best. Search for examples of the designing portfolio, we have much to offer any client looking for a great looking website, letterhead, business card, corporate identity or brochure and/or flash presentation.
Image afterall, is everything.

Print Example(668kb file)

  • Flash Advertisement and Banners
  • Flash headers and Interfaces

Flash Samples

Internet consultation firm
Business graphics creation -pre press and more..

Presently in production

  • The Pages (Free Classifieds thats growing with constant webmarketing, go ahead and join while its still fresh!)




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