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Synthium Multimedia(design studio), a Canada wide provider of web development, graphic design, logo design, professional Internet marketing and search engine optimization.
Canadian Design and development services in website development, Canada graphic design, logo creation and Internet marketing for any type of business solutions. In web design and website search engine optimization we aim to get you what you need for a success online.

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Dave Coulter - Projects Manager.

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Code of ethics:::

At Synthium Multimedia we refuse to compromise our workmanship with deceptive practices such as keyword flooding and spamming(to name a few) to gather and produce websites fast and poorly with little long term results. It is our aim entirely to create quality results in design and customer satisfaction. Our rates are fair as well as competitive. Our future depends on your satisfaction. Period.

A thought: We must "be" before we can "do," and we can "do" only to the extent which we "are," and what we "are" depends upon what we "think." - Charles F. Haanel

Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Website Developer, logo and Internet marketing for regions in Canada such as: Vancouver BC, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton Alberta providing professional services across north america and europe. Synthium is a Vancouver web design company of professionals dedicated in services that will help you in web design and development. Ask us about our website promotion services.

Search Engine optimizing:

Reading over the rules and regulations regarding Website submission to major search engines will quickly show you that we follow the proper practice encouraged by webmasters to behave in a legit fashion when it comes to submitting and optimizing websites. WE DO NOT CONDONE THOSE THAT CROSS THESE LINES. They can get you banned from Search engines entirely!

Search engine optimization is a science in itself we practice and study religiously all the time, as it is a changing, growing field. Your business can be properly enhanced for all the large search engines by us now and you will NEVER see it backfire because of unethical means practiced by those that promise the moon and in the end never deliver it. We get results based on hard work and ethical practices. There are many tricks to get a website to high positons on search engines. We follow all recommendations and regulations of the top global indexing services.

Googles Help articles on SEO Synthium multimedia is a widely dispersed team of talanted professionals covering every aspect of web design and development, this includes internet consultation and many highly skilled search engine optization specialists, website developers, graphic designers, and flash design experts. We aim for the highest calibre of workmanship for the dollar spent. Our WHQ is located in a small office in Mission Bc. Our outlets are also located in ontario, quebec, barrie ontario, vancouver, toronto, Ohio, denver colorado, new york, amsterdam in the netherlands. We are constantly expanding our base of great people to bring to the world first rate design and consultation services. We create value. web standards
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Web standards are the future. Synthium multimedia wants to build your web pages using modern standards complient XHTML and compatible CSS to allow the future growth of your website with proper web standards coding.

Website design that validates with international standards offers superior compatibility with web standards complient user agents, such as the browser you are using right now, also search engines and news syndication services.

Trying to sell? Think about the market and how you can reach it first. The Net is a busy and onward/upward growing marketplace increasing in value all the time. The time is now to consider internet consultation on an eccommerce idea you have, we will confidentially handle your corporate information at all times.

Privacy policy

Synthium multimedia keeps no information gathered from the web site it runs nor any other company website for information services other than tracking statistics of server usage. This information is for the express purpose of improving this and any other website and its function to its visitors.

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All content on this website is expressely the intellectual property of Synthium Multimedia. This content cannot be used by any party unless given due written notice. The only content on this website that is for sharing or distribution clearly states within its pages that it is shared to the public pending proper usage according to the intellectual rights of any contents original author.

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8084 beaver drive, mission bc V2V 5R4

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